Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 3.Standing Summary

AFC Standings                  NFC Standings
East                                                East
Miami (2-1)                                                                Philadelphia (2-1)
New England (2-1)                                                     Washington (1-2)
NY Jets (2-1)                                                             New York (1-2)
Buffalo (0-3)                                                               Dallas (1-2)
North                                              North

Pittsburgh (3-0)                                                           Chicago (3-0)
Cincinnati (2-1)                                                           Green Bay (2-1)   
Baltimore (2-1)                                                            Minnesota (1-2)
Cleveland (0-3)                                                           Detroit (0-3)
South                                              South
Houston (2-1)                                                             Atlanta (2-1)
Tennessee (2-1)                                                          Tampa Bay (2-1)
Indianapolis (2-1)                                                        New Orleans (2-1)
Jacksonville (1-2)                                                        Carolina (0-3)
West                                               West
Kansas City (3-0)                                                       Seattle (2-1)
Oakland (1-2)                                                             Arizona (2-1)
Denver (1-2)                                                               St. Louis (1-2)
San Diego (1-2)                                                          San Fransisco (0-3)

Too early to tell but looks as if many teams are standing strong and ready for week 4.


  1. I like your concise, organized method of presenting these stats. Thanks, dude.

  2. Giants are making a comeback this year.

  3. oh hello kind sir, have me met yet? =)

    smoochies n' poopies! :*

  4. damn it washington...get you head in the game! I will say you guys made the right call putting vick in as starter. For the life of me I'll never understand why they wanted Kolb initially. good blog. will follow!

  5. wonder who will be the last undefeated?

  6. You're gonna like where I've ranked your Eagles on my blog in the Power Rankings... Vick looks legit!

  7. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  8. Sorry your team just lost...but I am a skins fan so I'm not too sorry ;)