Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eagles vs. Redskins Week 4

   It's Sunday and with still a few games to play this was my game to watch. After a 17-12 loss for the Eagles its been shown the defense needs a lot of work. Vick (7) was taken out in the first quarter after taking a devastating blow injuring his ribs and chest. Kevin Kolb (4) was put out as QB and showed his lack of experience making Andy Reid's decision of making Vick starter a bright one.
   The offense for the Redskins was mainly rushing Portis (26) which in turn rarely utilized McNabb (5). McNabb was cheered and welcomed home before the game, but as he came out for the first possession he was booed by Eagles fans throughout the stadium. The last play of the game was a make it break it pass for the Eagles. Kolb put it in the air into the end zone and places it in the hands of a receiver who then drops it into the hands of a Redskins free safety.
   Next week, the Eagles (2-2) face the 49ers (0-4) who by their current record should be an easy victory making the Eagles hopefully 3-2. The Redskins (2-2) face the Packers (3-1) next week.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 3.Standing Summary

AFC Standings                  NFC Standings
East                                                East
Miami (2-1)                                                                Philadelphia (2-1)
New England (2-1)                                                     Washington (1-2)
NY Jets (2-1)                                                             New York (1-2)
Buffalo (0-3)                                                               Dallas (1-2)
North                                              North

Pittsburgh (3-0)                                                           Chicago (3-0)
Cincinnati (2-1)                                                           Green Bay (2-1)   
Baltimore (2-1)                                                            Minnesota (1-2)
Cleveland (0-3)                                                           Detroit (0-3)
South                                              South
Houston (2-1)                                                             Atlanta (2-1)
Tennessee (2-1)                                                          Tampa Bay (2-1)
Indianapolis (2-1)                                                        New Orleans (2-1)
Jacksonville (1-2)                                                        Carolina (0-3)
West                                               West
Kansas City (3-0)                                                       Seattle (2-1)
Oakland (1-2)                                                             Arizona (2-1)
Denver (1-2)                                                               St. Louis (1-2)
San Diego (1-2)                                                          San Fransisco (0-3)

Too early to tell but looks as if many teams are standing strong and ready for week 4.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eagles Week 3 Review

Eagles Defense Hold Back A Jaguar Push.
   Its the end of week 3s Sunday night games and the Eagles stand at 2-1. Vick shows he is back on his A-game by throwing 4 TD passes in a 28-3 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now that Michael Vick (7) has officially been placed as first string quarter back he has shown that he will not let Andy Reid down. With 291 passing yards in the game Vick is shown to be, once again since 2003, a strong quarterback.
   Next week Philadelphia Eagles (2-1-0) will face off against the Washington Redskins (1-2-0) in Philadelphia (4:15 pm EDT).  My bets are on Eagles, although I am biased towards them. Best of luck to Reid to push the work outs on the offensive line. 

Falcons vs. Saints

   Personally I'm a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, but when a good game comes on I get excited. This game easily was the best game this Sunday, September 26. At the end of the fourth quarter the score was 24-24 forcing OT. The Falcons win the coin toss in overtime they started by bringing it up the field fast. The Saints held them back though and forced a punt.
   The Saints moved the ball back up the field and give Garrett Hartley a 29 yard kick for a field goal to win the game. He completely blows the kick, kicking it far to the left of the goal-post. He must have felt like a total asshole as the Falcons take the ball and kick a 46 yard field goal to win the game. 

   Final Score 27-24 Falcons Win.