Sunday, September 26, 2010

Falcons vs. Saints

   Personally I'm a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, but when a good game comes on I get excited. This game easily was the best game this Sunday, September 26. At the end of the fourth quarter the score was 24-24 forcing OT. The Falcons win the coin toss in overtime they started by bringing it up the field fast. The Saints held them back though and forced a punt.
   The Saints moved the ball back up the field and give Garrett Hartley a 29 yard kick for a field goal to win the game. He completely blows the kick, kicking it far to the left of the goal-post. He must have felt like a total asshole as the Falcons take the ball and kick a 46 yard field goal to win the game. 

   Final Score 27-24 Falcons Win.


  1. I like your layout - very clean - and you've got interesting subject matter so far!

    Keep it up - it's hard to start out, but worth it in the long run. Good luck!

  2. Ahaha we were both watching the same game except I'm a Falcons fan. It was a great game like you said, at one point in OT I had to stop watching and walk out of the room when the Saints got the ball and I thought for sure they had it. Gotta love Football season.